Final conference “Restorative Justice in Policing Ethnic Minorities”

The COREPOL consortium organized an international conference in Brussels on 4th December 2014. A wide range of national and international stakeholders, policy makers, NGO activists and scientists of the field were invited. Hosting venue was “La Tricoterie”, an appropriate and authentic place in Brussels for a conference on “Restorative Justice in Policing Ethnic Minorities“. Conference materials and an easy reading project brochure (PDF, 6.5 MB) were provided to all attendees.

Agenda of the Conference (PDF, 0.4 MB)

Conference Presentations:

Community Policing and Minorities – International Perspectives (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Prof. Wesley Skogan (Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA)

Policing and Minorities – European Perspectives and Case Studies (PDF, 0.2 MB)
Prof. Hans-Gerd Jaschke - University for Economics and Law, Berlin, Germany

Police and Turks in Germany (PDF, 0.4 MB)
Prof. Joachim Kersten, German Police University, Münster

Cooperation for safety in public – police and migrants in an open discussion (PDF, 13.3 MB)
Thomas Köber, Commissioner of Police, Mannheim, Germany

Police and Africans in Austria (PDF, 0.5 MB)
Dr. Elisabeth Frankus. .SIAK, Vienna, Austria

Police and Roma in Hungary (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Prof. Andrea Kozáry, NUPS, Budapest, Hungary

Police and Roma in Hungary (PDF, 0.4 MB)
Sandor Mergancz, NUPS, Budapest, Hungary

COREPOL Project: Mediation and Restorative Justice, Police and Roma in Hungary (PDF, 0.4 MB)
Prof. Peter Ruzsonyi, NUPS, Hungary

European Police and Minorities (PDF, 19.1 MB)
Prof. Branko Lobnikar, University of Maribor, Ljubljana, Slovenia