Minorities under study

The Roma related section of the research will have definite implications for the entire EU since Roma leaving South Eastern European countries tend to travel between the member states. Therefore, the research will contribute to a better understanding of the issues at hand, and enable a research-based strategy for peace building between the authorities and minorities at conflict. Peace building is a process that has to include both sides like bridge building. RJ could be such a bridge.

African migrants are an allochthonous minority in Austria. In cities like Vienna they do not live in dense communities like Roma in the Hungarian villages. Africans live in predominantly urban settings as individuals, in families, or they form social networks not based on residency in specific city areas. Their interconnections are based on their common origin from African ethnicities or because they have formed new connections or networks in the host country.

In the case of Germany, Turkish families in urban neighbourhoods are a discriminated allochthonous minority population. As such German residents of Turkish origin can be parts of larger family- or even clan networks linked to their present neighbourhoods or to locations in their former home country.