European Research Services GmbH, Münster

The European Research Services GmbH is a public-private-partnership, founded in 2007. ERS is a specialised consultant company. It supports researchers in setting-up, and conducting EC-funded projects (including communication to highlight successful elements, feeding back information for the programme owners). ERS provides general technical and administrative support, and adapted project-management (fitting the size and complexity of the project. It implements risk assessment, internal monitoring and common standard procedures, all with a view of safeguarding outcomes within time, budget, and EC guidelines). In addition ERS will organise internal communication to meet the reporting needs of the European Commission efficiently.

Oliver Panzer

Oliver PanzerOliver Panzer, is private stockholder and managing director of ERS. He holds a Diploma in physics from the WWM Muenster. He worked for five years as a postgraduate researcher in the area of nanoanalytics. He was an office manager for the German Network of Excellence for Nanoanalytics. He was National Expert for the European Commission and in this function acted as PO for 13 STREP and 3 IP projects (one as backup officer). He is currently Project Technical Assistant for 11 projects.

Contact information:

Friedrich Paulsen

Friedrich PaulsenFriedrich Paulsen is working as project assistant with ERS. He has a diploma in Political Sciences and has solid experience of the administration in EU projects under the 7th Framework Programme, at present supporting 2 collaborative projects and an IRSES project. Currently, he is as well a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Politics at Münster University. His PhD thesis focuses on urban development policies in a comparative perspective. Therefore he completed research as a visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Nadine Bresch

Nadine BreschNadine Bresch is a project assistant with ERS. She holds a master’s degree in Communication Science and worked for more than 7 years in the administration of several EU projects, moreover in the area of social sciences.