Police College (RTF), Hungarian Ministry of Interior, Budapest

The Police College is an autonomous and accredited institution of Hungarian higher education. The Police College is maintained by the Ministry of Interior. The Police College started training officers in the majors of police and correctional services in 1971. The training was completed by four further majors, namely: customs investigation in 1987, customs administration in 1991, border policing in 1992, and economic crime in 2000. The education on the major of disaster management started in 2004 and a BA on private security started in 2006. In September 2008 it started a MA (university) training.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kozáry

Andrea KozáryProf. Dr. Andrea Kozáry is the Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Head of the team of political sciences at the Hungarian Police College. Her activities include lecturing on history, sociology, political sciences and communication, preparation of auxiliary teaching materials, review of term papers and dissertations. She got her C.S.c. degree in 1995 and the habilitation in 2006 at the ELTE University in Budapest. Her research areas are “The history of the Hungarian police after 1945, with emphasis on training of officers” and “The contemporary questions about law and order (International comparison)”. Her research is of vital importance as far as the development of a fledgling democratic society is concerned. Considering her present place of work, the police force of present-day Hungary has to be acquainted with its own past and role in a democratic society, namely police officers have different opinions about the importance of various aspects of their job. The topic of her habilitation was legitimate political violence, also concerning gender issues. One of her most important tasks is to examine the correlation between the political power and the armed forces, including the police. The teaching material discusses in great details the corruption, prejudice and the views held against the minorities, especially the Romas within the police.

Representing the Hungarian Police College she keeps in contact with the German Police Academies and the German University of Police in Munster. Within a framework of cooperation (especially the CEPOL) there is an ongoing exchange of professors and senior police officers. Prof. Kozáry is responsible for the Police College scientific monthly journal on police science and practice.

Gábor Héra

Gábor HéraGábor Héra was born in Hungary. He has a degree in sociology and social policy at University of Pécs. Now he is learning at the Philosophy of Science and History of Science Doctoral School at BME, his dissertation will be focusing on the emergence and characteristics of prejudice. He was the leader of several research program, the author of the Research Method (2005) textbook, in the last ten years lecturer at different universities. He was responsible as Executive Director for the Kurt Lewin Foundation for three years, so beside the scientific activity he has gained practical knowledge and experience. With his work he focuse mainly on the Roma integration field.

More Information: heragabor.com

Petra Arnold

Petra ArnoldPetra Arnold graduated at the Corvinus University of Budapest as a sociologist-economist in 2006. She is a doctoral candidate on Sociology. She has been working for four years at the Corvinus University of Budapest Behaviour Research Centre as a researcher assistant. Since 2011 she has been working at the National Institute for Family and Social Policy Research Directorate as a researcher. She has been involved in national and international surveys on various topics such as drug use, postadolescence, youth and Roma people. She has some experiences both in qualitative and quantitative research methods. She is member of the Hungarian Association on Addictions and the Hungarian Association on Sociology.

Erik Uszkiewicz

Erik UszkiewiczErik Uszkiewicz is a lawyer specializing in the protection of fundamental rights. In September 2011, he commenced a PhD at Eötvös Loránd University. His doctoral research program focuses on prejudice and discrimination in jurisdictional practice. He is one of the founders of Mertek Media Monitor, a Budapest-based media policy think tank and watchdog organization. Uszkiewicz is also a member of the Hungarian COREPOL team.