Sicherheitsakademie (SIAK), Federal Ministry of the Interior (Austria), Wien

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The Federal Ministry is responsible for federal police, migration control, asylum, census, citizenship and measures restoring the objective and subjective security of victims of crime. The Security Academy is the training, education and research department of the Ministry and is composed of six subdivisions.

Linda Lilith Jakubowicz

Linda Lilith JakubowiczFrom the methodological perspective, Ms. Jakubowicz main focus is on evaluation. Ms. Jakubowicz is member of the EU-SEC consortium (FP 7 project on Common Research Standards For Security during Major Events) and contact person for the European Safety Survey. She is/was involved in several projects financed by the National Security Research Program. Ms. Jakubowicz participated in several other research projects like studies on international structures and activities of the Muslim brotherhood, and surveys on the opinions and attitude of immigrants. Ms. Jakubowicz worked as external evaluator of an Austrian Development Agency funded training project on „Supporting the SEE countries to build police capacities to stem trafficking in human beings, smuggling and illegal migration“, which was implemented by the Austrian Federal Criminal Police, 2006-2009. Besides that Ms. Jakubowicz is editor and mainly responsible for the SIAK-Journal, member of the Europol Law Enforcement Magazine Editors' Networking Tool and the member of the UACE Collaborative Research Network for Policing and European Studies.

Elisabeth Frankus

Elisabeth FrankusElisabeth Frankus holds a PhD in social science, a Master degree in sociology and educational sciences and is qualified Prince2 practitioner. She is an experienced coach and trainer with focus on communication and soft skills and has further education in business studies which completes her profile as international project manager. Since 2008 she gains experience with European projects as project coordinator, evaluator and as content developer in the fields of health, education, economic and public security. Her scientific approach leads to diverse publications and presentation as well as lecture on University of Applied Science bfi Vienna. Elisabeth Frankus chiefs the .SIAK team in the COREPOL project and is main responsible for content-related and administrative issues.

Katharina Weiss

Katharina WeissKatharina Weiss holds a PhD and a Master degree in political science. She is the head of the Institute for Science and Research which belongs to the Security Academy of the Austrian Federal Ministry for the Interior since June 2006.

Hanns Matiasek

Hanns MatiasekHanns Matiasek studied political science in Vienna and Uppsala and works as scientific researcher focusing on security, migration and integration. His fields of interest also include social cohesion and knowledge management.

In the frame of the COREPOL project Hanns Matiasek takes over scientific research activities and is responsible for the coordination of the project database.

Peter Egger

Peter EggerPeter Egger, former postman in the Salzkammergut, studied history and of European Ethnology at the University of Vienna with the focus on cultural studies, contemporary history, museums and exhibitions. He founded the Open Air Museum in Gosau in cooperation with UNESCO and the Upper Austrian State Museum and works as freelancer at the Austrian Folk Song Society, EU adult education project Grundtvig "CHOICE". Peter Egger has lecture activities within the framework of the Summer Academy "Folk culture as a dialogue". His projects, lectures and publications deal with the topic of concentration camps, popular culture and the Salzkammergut.

Peter Egger is responsible for research activities, the COREPOL database and administrative issues.

Barbara Tschida

Barbara TschidaBarbara Tschida holds a Master degree in political science and works as scientific researcher with the focus on national security projects in the frame of KIRAS (Österreichisches Förderungsprogramm für Sicherheitsforschung) and social cohesion.

Barbara Tischda supports the .SIAK COREPOL project team with scientific research activities.